Admission Interviews for 2016-18 Batch:
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We aim to provide our students with a detailed academic understanding of the various areas of management, while actively nurturing their overall growth through various personality development and corporate interaction programmes. Additionally, we also have various student led business and cultural activities which play an important role in developing team work and leadership abilities.

We ensure that our academic content & pedagogy is regularly reviewed by top academicians and corporate managers in India and abroad to inculcate the latest business concepts, case studies and technologies that help equip our students with the necessary skills to make a difference in the constantly changing business world.

We strongly believe that the development of knowledge is not just a discipline or a function, but a mindset, a way of approaching all endeavors and attaining skills that will help in long term success.

Our students are meticulously groomed and rigorously trained in all aspects of management. The diverse backgrounds of students help them to examine managerial issues from multiple perspectives. In addition, the friendly student and teacher community at our institution provides an environment which is conducive to innovation and knowledge sharing, thereby helping in the development of a healthy team spirit while preparing for the highly competitive business world.